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Piano lessons for children on the Central Coast
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Piano Lessons for children and adults.
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Playful and Beneficial

Musical Moments

Your child's piano lesson experiences should be engaging and enjoyable!

I've been teaching for over 20 years now and my focus is more than just helping my students learn to play the piano but to foster a lifelong love for music. Your child will learn creativity by thinking outside the box, learn to love music, energise his or her emotional self, develop artistry and build resilience, all through piano lessons with us.

We explore off the bench activities, sing, create our own tunes and explore a range of genres from classical to pop!

Practice, Progress, Perform!

The Piano Bug Music Studio offers

Piano Lessons for Children

 A   I teach regular weekly lessons to school aged children, a term at a time. Watch your child grow in confidence and competence with consistent practice at our studio at East Gosford on the Central Coast. Choose from group lessons or 30 or 60 minute 1-1 lessons. With plenty of skills and drills they can take home to keep practising through the week.

My students are encouraged, if they’d like to, to work towards their next examination level. There are also a series of recitals each year where your child can gain performance experience in a supportive environment.

I aim to instil a love of music, not just piano skills. And if there is a particular passion in any student we can certainly develop in that direction.

Children aged between 5 to 10 years old, who are beginners are encouraged to enroll in our group piano lessons. As they progress, our students are encouraged to add a 1-1 lesson to the weekly routine. 

When you fill out the form below to enroll, you will be placed on a waiting list and will be contacted if there is a spot for your child available.

Weekly 30 or 60 minute lessons

Group lessons available for children

aged 5 - 10 years old

Support for examinations and live performances

A nuturing environment for musical passion

The Piano Bug Music Studio offers

Piano Lessons for Adults

When adults undertake piano lessons I am just so proud of them. Some are brushing up on old skills. Some have never learnt before. Either way, believe me that it is possible! Again, from the Wyoming studio, for 30 or 60 minutes.

We’ll take note of your improvements each term. You’ll be amazed at your progress when remembering what you could not do ten weeks ago compared to what you can do now. Plus, you get to perform in our evening house concerts! We offer 5 lesson packages to suit busy adults to suit their schedules accordingly.

There are spots available for adults in our late evening spots: 7pm to 9pm, Mondays and Thursdays.

Weekly 30 or 60 minute lessons or book a 5 lesson package

All experience levels welcome

Evening lessons to suit your schedule

Support for examinations and live performances

Piano Lessons at Piano Bug Music Studio

What to expect

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Your Playing Experience

My studio is equipped with a medium grand piano to give you or your child the best playing experience. Learning the piano is all about developing your sound. We will discuss and set a practice schedule that will suit each student according to age and ability.

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Players of Any Ability

I teach beginners to advanced players, and believe that everyone should have a lesson tailored to their specific needs. From sight reading training to ear training, or perhaps, you would like to refine your piano technique.

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Studio Recitals

All my students get a chance to perform in our recitals held once every term. It gives a chance to hone some performing skills and meet other budding pianists. Students are also invited to attend holiday workshops in music theory, ear training and general knowledge.

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Exams with the Australian Music Examination Board is encouraged but optional. Exams are a great way to keep motivation up and receive constructive criticism to improve your piano skills. 


Fees are billed on a monthly basis, by calendar year (January to December) for a minimum of 36 lessons per year. Your monthly fees includes school holiday workshops, masterclasses and piano parties.  

This is an all inclusive package that will benefit your budding pianist.

Withdrawal from lessons will require a 2 week notice before the start of the new term. Students are required to finish off the term before terminating lessons with us.

30 minute individual lesson:  $150.15 (incl.GST)/month

45 minute individual lesson:  $195 (incl.GST)/month

60 minute individual lesson: $245(incl.GST)/month

Group lesson:  $77 (incl.GST/month)

We accept Creative Kids vouchers for lessons and workshops, this will be credited toward your invoices.

Adults can enrol for 5 lesson packages at $275 (incl.GST)

Call me on 0424 446 778 to have a chat about your piano lesson!

Or drop us a line:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

- Sharon

Sharon teaches piano on the Central Coast