11th July, 2021

Virtual Kindermusik classes for your baby and toddler!

Are you stuck at home with a baby because of a lockdown? Or maybe you’ve got a bit of a sniffle and have decided to stay home from music class today? I know what it’s like to be confined at home with a baby and/or toddler…

Our studio offers virtual classes to families on the Central Coast.

Join in engaging musical activities right from your living room. Belt out that song and bust out your best dance moves during our 30 minute virtual sessions! Our baby classes are nurturing and gentle, our toddler classes are a lot more active and our preschooler class is filled with musical play activities.

Here are some tips to make the most of your virtual Kindermusik classes:

Designate a space for “music class”
Find a space in your home that has enough room for you and your toddler to dance about. Did I say “you”? Yes! IF you’re engaged in the class and imitating everything that I do on screen, your toddler will follow you. Let your toddler know when it’s time for “music time” Give them a 5 to 10 minute countdown, sing a little song about “music time”

Get your Music Box ready
Find a special box or basket and gather all of your age appropriate musical instruments together. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, your instruments might be a tupperware container filled with rice as a shaker, pot lids as cymbals or just a waterbottle and a wooden spoon.

Set aside 30 minutes from your work schedule
If it’s a virtual class, you can plop your baby or toddler in front of the screen, right? Nope…. a virtual class is no different to a face to faceclass. You’ll have to be fully engaged with the activities too. Your child will copy what you do, say or sing….and that’s the gist of our Kindermusik classes. We love empowering parents with the resources to fill their child’s life with music. If you’re using an Ipad to ZOOM into class, you can place it at safe spot high enough for you to watch and follow, your child doesn’t even have to look at the screen. And guess what? Once you’ve had that quality 30 minute session with your child, they’ll be more than happy to have some time playing by themselves for a while.

Our baby ZOOM classes are perfect for new mums, as we lead with movement activities, rhymes, songs and simple dances. Most of all, you’ll love learning a variety of songs to sing to your baby..

IF you’re keen to enrol, here’s the link: Enrol in a Virtual Class

See you all in our virtual classroom!

Sharon x